Birth Doula

Rebecca Reardon

About Me

My mission is to instill confidence in a woman's ability to have the birth experience she intends. There are so many moments of pregnancy and childbirth that are not up to us and beautifully in the hands of the universe. Together, we can explore and define our intentions... 


​I studied at Bini Birth, the leading childbirth educators in Los Angeles, and specialize in a wide variety of birth techniques and preparations, including natural birth, hypnobirth, waterbirth, hospital births, and home births.


​I first became a doula in 2011 before I even knew what a doula was. Someone very close to me became pregnant without a birth partner, and I felt a calling to provide her with as much support as possible. Since that life-changing experience, providing positive, transformative birth experiences has become my greatest passion and now life’s work. I left my role as a corporate executive at one of the top lifestyle brands in the world to dedicate myself completely to my doula work and company, Rebecca Birth.


​Having been both a college athlete and executive, I understand the importance of teamwork, clear communication, and rallying around a common goal. You are the director of your birth, let's work together to realize your vision for the exact birth experience you deserve.



Emotional and physical support for momma and birth partner. I'll support in executing birth plans, providing resources, and offer my network of incredible pregnancy and postpartum experts around Los Angeles.

Luna Package
Helios Package
  • 3 prenatal home (or Zoom) visits

  • Present at the birth

  • 1 postpartum visit at home

  • 24/7 virtual support

  • 2 prenatal home (or Zoom) visit

  • Present at the birth

  • 1 postpartum visit at home

  • 24/7 virtual support


I will work with you and your birth partner to create a plan that works for you. This model is dependant on availability and your baby's expected arrival date. To qualify for this please send me a note on your personal and pregnancy journey. 


“I knew giving birth would be an intimate experience so it was important to me that I had a doula I felt connected to and safe with. What I didn’t know was the range of emotions I would encounter and types of support I would need throughout pregnancy and birth. Rebecca helped me not only find the type of birth I wanted, but also stay true to that vision in spite of the unexpected changes we faced. As a first time mom she gave me the knowledge and confidence to advocate for myself and baby when needed as well as the physical and emotional support to get through an exceptionally long labor. I wouldn’t have been able to get through birth without her. I would recommend her 100 times over.”

Holden Penny - New mom